About Me

“Experiences With Food Allergies And Kids”. Maybe I should have searched for a cooler title, but this blog is nitty gritty and rather scientific in its approach to finding answers to hard questions.  There is nothing warm and comforting about the subjects this blog will address. Everytime I think about this subject, I feel myself tensing.  As a result, it is very hard to write this blog, but also very cathartic.  As a matter of fact, I capitalize certain words such as Allergy and Allergen simply because I have developed a strong shock- and fear-induced respect for what they can do to my son.  This is an extremely serious subject and it does not get enough exposure. If we are lucky, some good answers will surface which each of us will be able to apply to our individual lives.  The questions are my own and are derived from my Food Allergy related social experiences.  The answers are the information that a person with food sensitivities either has or is seeking.  Each post describes a Food Sensitivity Experience I’ve had, analyzes it, at times describes my thoughts, emotional and behavioral reactions, and encourages the use of a Comments Section for constructive criticism.  Comments are greatly appreciated by me and also by this blog’s visitors seeking information.  This is how we can find answers.


This Blog Is My Opinion

This blog is strictly my opinion and I am not the type to suffer silently.  I have a strong personal preference in addressing the hard issues and trying to resolve them.  That’s the way I’m wired.  Anyway, each case of Allergy is different and please refer to your Allergist’s professional medical opinions.  That’s what they are there for.  This blog is simply meant to help Allergy and Food Sensitivity sufferers come to terms with the world at large.  This blog offers non-medical opinions.  Input and opinions are welcome.


My Reasoning

My reasoning is this – there are common solutions to people’s expectations of common and uncommon Food Allergy problems.  Many of the solutions to these experiences are because people don’t use common sense.  If a bunch of us come together and discuss them, then surely several viable solutions will surface.  I currently have thirty-some Food Sensitivity-related social experiences that I would like to blog about and have an open discussion.  I will diligently develop and post them on this blog.  I will try to stick to a schedule of one post per week.


People With Food Sensitivities

Although this blog specifically addresses my experiences with my son’s extremely deadly Sunflower Allergy, the experiences, ideas, and suggestions can be applied to any person with any type of Food Allergy or Food Sensitivity.


I am looking for a more civilized way to approach these types of experiences because they are a recurring problem.  I guess I am hoping for a silver bullet, but even the smallest constructive comment will be gladly appreciated! 


Other People

This blog can also be for people who have a loved one with a Food Sensitivity and are trying to learn more about their trials.  If you know of anyone who would benefit from reading this blog, or a specific post, please copy the url and send it to this person.  You might get a heartfelt thank you from your grateful friend and we might get some useful comments.  Thanks in advance for this kindness!


My History

My son was diagnosed with an extreme Sunflower Seed Allergy at a very early age. If he eats a Sunflower Seed, he will have a full anaphylactic reaction in fifteen minutes even with an epinephrine shot, albuterol, and a full round of intravenous steroids. Who knows what else happens inside his little body. As a result, I have found that my son holds an extreme standard for Food Allergies not only in the severity of the reaction, but also in the rarity of the type of Allergy. So far I’ve successfully navigated this minefield in which I reluctantly find myself. Surprisingly, I now realize that I have lots of experience with Food Allergies and kids. I am sharing the highlights of the hard lessons I learned along the way so that other parents and caregivers of Food Allergy kids will have a better understanding of what to expect. I wish someone would have done this for me as I would have had a much easier, smoother, and cheaper time caring for my young son.



I will be posting pictures of people (both kids and adults) this blog has helped.  Feel free to email a picture to me.  For security reasons, I will not post names, just pictures.  Happy Learning and Commenting!


If you know of anyone who would be interested in reading this blog, please copy the URL address and send it to them.



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