Teaching Adults About Your Child’s Food Allergy

Most adults try to conform to the special needs of an Allergy child.  They ask the name of the Allergy and degree that your child suffers from it.  Tell them this information and make sure that you are clear.  These opportunities don’t come very often, so be sure to take advantage of a friendly ear when it is available.  They also need to know how they can help.  For example, if they see your child is not feeling well, they can immediately alert an authority such as a teacher or yourself, the parent. They can send their child to school with a lunch that does not contain the named Allergen or its products.  They can send pre-packaged Allergen-free snacks to school when they are asked and not home-baked goods.  Let these adults know that their positive actions will help your child avoid a ghastly trip to the hospital, and no one wants to know the repercussions of that event.

English: An example of the list of potential a...

An example of the list of potential allergens contained in a food item. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They can talk to their kids about why they won’t be bringing this Allergen to school and not to taunt the Allergy kid about his/her condition.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the parents to teach their children how to respect others and their special situations.  There is no such designation as “normal”.  Everyone is different in many different ways.  When one digs deep enough, one will be surprised as to the many “abnormal” situations people are trying to work thru.  This is a good life lesson to learn and will serve the kids well throughout life.

This discussion might seem to be common sense, but these points need to be stated.  It’s similar to Kirkhoff’s Law, how will you do it without these statements?  People need to know exactly what is expected of them.  They do not have an extensive background in Allergens and might not even know to call 911 after an epinephrine shot is given. Be clear and be specific and if all goes right, these people will understand the instructions correctly and remember them when the time comes.

Common food allergies in children

Common food allergies in children (Photo credit: Adams999)

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  1. Jack Benton says:

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    Great post for those who suffer from food allergies, which can be fatal if not adhered to.

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